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Top Online Learning Tools

The popularity of online learning has grown significantly over the past few years. A lot of people has seen its benefits in terms of time management and cost effectiveness. The good thing about online learning is that there are a lot of online learning tools that are available for those who are utilizing this learning method. These tools are readily available online and have proven to be very helpful in online learning.

Quality Online Learning Tools


In a traditional learning setting, the blackboard is what functions as the primary platform of the teacher to demonstrate what is being taught to the students. It is where the teachers put a vivid imagery of the lesson. This learning tool is made available online through a tool called “Blackboard”. This tool works primarily as the traditional blackboard. It promotes a more visual learning experience for learners. Learners can easily grasp the lessons when they have a visual understanding of it.


This tool is one of the fast-rising online learning tools. With over 48 users and counting, this tool allows teachers, learners, and parents to connect with each other. It is a safe online environment for the learners because access is only given to members of the class. It works like a social media platform that allows teachers to send homework and other activities to learners using their mobiles. There is also a “note” feature that can be used if there are special announcements or reminders for everyone on the group. This tool keeps everyone in the loop in terms of learning.


This is a learning management system that incorporates all of the necessary tools required for online learning. It allows the creation of lesson content, student assessment, and connect with other people. One of the advantages of this tool is that it allows educators to connect with other educators globally. This can help in exchanging of ideas for better teaching strategies. Schoology is available on mobiles and can be used on Android, IOS, or Kindle device.


Skype is one of the most used online learning tools today. Aside from the fact that it is free to use, this tool also allows video calls that make learning more effective. It makes online learning almost the same as the traditional classroom setting because you can see each other. It is just like talking personally. Skype allows sharing of screens which is very helpful if you are trying to explain something. Sometimes there are no words to explain something and being able to show exactly what you mean by sharing your screen is very useful.

Google Knowledge Graph

When doing a search in Google, you will be given millions of pages that deal with the subject you are looking for. Sometimes you have to scroll through a lot of paragraphs and pages just to find exactly what you are trying to search for. Google Knowledge Graph is a tool that simplifies knowledge search. It is an enhanced feature of the search engine that provides the learner exactly with what he is looking for instead of returning a lot of pages related to the search term.

These online learning tools are just among the many that you can find online. They are a great way to maximize online learning.